Friday, December 9, 2011

The Mysterious Mind of Management

A governor told me that he was looking to create a new orderly position, duties to include keeping the myriad notice boards up to date.

Negotiations were going well until he suggested the job title - "information orderly".

Was he trying to get me killed?!


  1. But information can work both ways, can't it?!

  2. Of course, you would be right (out here, on this side of the fence) Anonymous. But the last title you would want to be labelled with in jail - is any kind of informer!

  3. The Artist taxi driver is from Peckham and doesn't want to be known as a squealer, an informer, but he thought this particular criminal had gone too far, so The Artist Taxi Driver reports him to crimewatch. Watch this link, its well funny


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