Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Blog

Ben is incommunicado at the moment.

I am guessing no news is good news....



  1. Please let us know why - when you do.

  2. I wish I could share the Editors optimism, however....

    The fact that Ben is incommunicado is not a good sign at all. It suggests to me that he must be in the block, and as thus, must be suspected of, or worse - been charged with, an offence.

    *Whatever* the details are, and despite us knowing that this whole sorry saga was started by the sheer incompetence of 'management'. The (negative) consequences of Ben simply having the 'temerity' to expect his legal right to a meal on his return from work, cannot, I'm afraid, be underestimated.

    Having been out of jail for many years myself now, it’s entirely possible that I missed the moment when food became 'a privilege' - as opposed to a legal right in our prisons.

    Hoping I’m mostly wrong and wishing you both the best.


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