Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Caught in a Trap?

A prisoner approaches Ben with stories of corruption within the jail.  Ben takes the view of "what's new?" and does very little, other than sniff around a bit. Nothing, readers will notice, has been published on here.

The aforementioned prisoner then goes to one of the chief suspects and gleefully tells them that "Ben Gunn is investigating".  Next thing we know, Ben is getting the evil eye from all sides.

Has someone woven a web for him to get caught in? Why was he handed a can of worms?

Ben wants nothing more to do with with the allegations of corruption.  It is being locally investigated and is out of his hands now anyway.  But the fact that he unwittingly blew the whistle, with the help of the guy who first told him about it, leaves Ben in a very vulnerable position.

Thoughts please.......



  1. You would think that the quicker they could get Ben out of their "System" the happier they would be.
    At some future date Ben will have to be released, the last one to handle him with some form of kindness and not following the rule book to its final resort, the better the eventual comments on them will be.

    Have they ever answered Ben's ultimate question "Why am I still here?"

  2. Blowing the whistle on corruption, whether deliberately or inadvertently, might make you some enemies, but I would really REALLY hope it would be very hard for the powers that be to use it as a reason to deny release!


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