Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Crime and Punishment

So the nicking stumbled to its inglorious conclusion.  Getting in the kitchen Screw's face and expressing my views on the food situation cost me a fine of £5.  Ho hum.  Clearly the Gov hardly saw this matter as one that struck at the bedrock of prison authority.

Such is the nature of prison life that this comes under the heading of "punishment".  But that is merely the start, for a raft of other deprivations are also imposed.  None of these are punishments you understand, oh no, they are neatly filed under the heading of "administrative action".

So far, these administrative actions include:

Being evicted from my single cell into a double;
Being prevented from doing my charity work;
Being denied any opportunity to take town visits, i.e. days out at the weekend;
Being denied my home leave.

I'm also due to lose my enhanced status and all the privileges that come with that.

It's nothing personal you understand - if anyone gets nicked, for anything, this administrative steamroller flattens their existence. Call me sensitive, but I think that little lot is a touch over the top.


  1. My God, talk about using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut.
    It's a total power trip for the men in suits(and uniforms), this is the only way these people can get to hurt a person in prison.
    Keep stong Ben.

  2. Ben please keep eyes wide open, but mouth tight shut.
    It seems that what you are experiencing is petty nitpicking, in the hope that you will be driven to say enough for an excuse to be found to delay your release.
    Thinking of you,

  3. What have I said before? "Dodgy Handshakers", Police, Judges, Prison Gov's, Politicians, Lords, Local Councilors, Bankers, Big Business!!!! So how does Democracy work then? ***IT DOESN'T*** So why do we allow this crap to run this place? Because it is Hell! Who runs Hell? CHAOS runs Hell, or have you not noticed? Some advice, don't speak to them, don't look at them (look through them, if you must look their way), don't give them money.
    They are part of Hell, so you only give them Hell, when you have hold of the box with the switch on, that says, *POOOF, ALL GONE! Lets go Home, Ben? It's crap here???

  4. What did you actually say to them Ben?

  5. I stopped believing in democracy a while back. There is no good argument for privatising prisons.

  6. Prisoners are also human. I can't understand why they are being treated differently. Very inhuman.
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