Saturday, June 2, 2012

Inside, Outside

The boss at work had a birthday and all were chipping in for a prezzie. I dug deep through my pockets and presented a contribution of 62 pence, which was pityingly declined by the organiser of the knees-up. This was an open recognition of the penurious state of Lifers undertaking unpaid work in the community.

We are sent out and about to test us, to reintegrate us. And yet we are separated by so many invisible barriers, so many prison policies and practices, that exist as a glass wall preventing us from fully acting as free citizens when we are mingling amongst them.

This is a decidedly odd state of affairs.

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  1. Look at it like this, Ben? It's like you have a shopping trolley, but you don't require nothing from the retailer, is all you need is to get out of the damn doors! There is nothing in the shop that interests yourself, as you only need to leave their crap shop.
    But this is an Evil Shop, because each time you head towards the exit, you keep finding items in your trolley, that they keep putting there. You better check this basket each day, and dump all crap they give you!
    This is really a metaphor, for what is really the "You", and they want to dump on you! You have had thirty-two years of your crap, in your life. Can you imagine thirty-two years of their crap, piled upon your head, what a lot of s--- it is too? Clean yourself up, of your crap, but theirs, just leave it at the Prison Gate, inside of course.


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