Thursday, June 7, 2012


There does seem to be an ever increasing herd of backbench MP's who "demand" that the Government
ignores the judgements of the European Court, most recently in an effort to get rid of various Islamists.
This is an attitude to the rule of law that is exhibited perfectly by many of my peers, the great criminal classes. Wouldn't we all like to ignore laws that hinder our search for personal satisfaction?
Well, perhaps we should. And when we are hoiked before the beak, maybe some of these MP's would care to pop along and explain just why adhering to the rule of law should be an optional exercise in citizenship?
As Jailhouselawyer repeatedly and rightly protests, flinging our past crimes in our face is an irrelevance in the present situation. It is the law-makers who are now the law-breakers.
Long live crime!


  1. You should have finished that last sentence with a question mark rather than an exclamation mark?

  2. Their attitude becomes worse then you consider that not only are they ignoring the law, they are ignoring a law they voluntarily signed up to.

  3. This is nothing other than the glory of marketplace economics working properly and rewarding each of us for our efforts, our talent, and our perseverance. The antitrust laws exist to help marketplace economics to work better.


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