Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dangerous Sexuality

Most of what management found unacceptable in my draft of the prison magazine related to the pictures and the commentary I added to them.
The first to go was a picture of a woman dressed in riot gear with the caption, "The Governor's wife was not impressed by her Valentines present." A weak joke, but a joke even so. Except to prison management. Ditto for the screw and his drug dog, with the caption "Civil partnerships may have gone too far". All gentle fun but far too incendiary for management.
The pictures that were mauled beyond belief were those which revealed the odd glimpse of female flesh. Such as the pop singer in a bikini top used to illustrate a piece on smoking, "Mylene says that if you don't smoke then you can get a fine set of lungs". And a fairly random pic of Billie Piper in a short dress, partially exposing an ass cheek.
This was beyond the pale and the censors pencil saw these pictures removed. Which in itself reveals an awful lot about the Mind of Management, an artefact whose very existence is regularly questioned on the landings.
Our sexuality has always been a source of huge difficulty for management, and something they view as best denied, always suppressed, and never to be spoken about. Having a pic of a woman flashing her bum circulating in an all male prison is clearly such a dangerous image that it must be suppressed!


  1. Hi Ben
    Hope the "sent to your room" spell is going OK.
    Who is more free in the mind? Someone who is locked up and thinks outside the cell? or a free person who thinks in the cell?

  2. How bizarre. On the face of it seems lighthearted and innocent.


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