Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brutality and Frankland

The reports of brutality and racism from the steroid-fuelled screws in the punishment block at Frankland keep leaking out, to be ignored by the mainstream media.

The local police are refusing to even investigate the prisoners’ allegations of being assaulted by staff. Seems they feel it’s none of their business.

And the “watchdog”, the Independent Monitoring Board, continue to ignore the screams whilst having tea and biccies with the Governor.

When you next hear of a con stabbing a screw, or a hostage situation, or even a riot, please, please look beneath the headlines and ask yourself why some prisoners feel that they have no other options left.


  1. Quite a horrific situation for the prisoners in Frankland, makes my blood run cold when I try to imagine what they have to endure.

  2. The Stanford University prison experiment, carried out by Philip Zimbardo, was interrupted from its two week programme, to just over one week, on the grounds that Zimbardo's girlfriend thought the experiment was becoming unethical, after the participants were playing their roles of prisoner and guard, a little too severely.

    I wonder what the 'ethical' assessment would be for a whole lifetime of playing 'prisoner and guard'?


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