Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Innocence Abounds

Now and then I have joked that I'm the only guilty man in the prison. No ifs, no buts, I did it. This is to mock the popular misconception that there are hoards of prisoners who invariably claim that they were fitted up by the Old Bill.

This just ain't so. Most prisoners admit that they did the crime that led them to these grey halls. Many will grumble at the quality of their lawyers, the jiggery-pockery by the police, and the evasiveness of witnesses. Many of these complaints will be true, but even so their protest isn't of their actual innocence only that they shouldn't have been found guilty on the evidence.

These complaints provide a perpetual background mumble to prison life and are largely ignored. The people I listen to are those who are not bitching about the trial outcome, they are the ones who bitch about their actual, genuine, gold-plated innocence.

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  1. Ben you are so brilliant, because I always find it puzzling when guilty people play victims. I don't want to bore you and your readers with the same old story. I just want to say 'thank you' to those few people like you who like me find that some people's mentality is inside out or outside in! What is the purpose of lying?

    What I have learnt though is that liars are believed by the majority of people with no questions asked. I hate lies end of, so what do people think of me? I have been called strange, proud, weird, stupid and many other verbs and adjectives. But to me some of these nasty labels describe people who tell lies. For anyone who tells porkies is strange, weird, stupid and a fool, because sooner or later you will be found out and humilliated. I never make sense of someone who lies honestly! If I am guilty of a crime, I would rather serve my sentence and get it over and done with. Clears my guilty conscience.

    Hope your parole comes round soon, so that you can come and join us in fighting for a world of truth.


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