Saturday, August 7, 2010


Turned out the parole board did receive my complaint about the way the judge messed up my last putative parole hearing, causing it to be abandoned. They just didn't bother acknowledging my letter.

Their newly received response is a tad slippery. Seems the hearing was abandoned because the prison Security Dept. couldn't attend. That's true, they were on holiday.

But half the story. The judge also requested, on the day, a mountain of material that he should have asked for months earlier. Even if Security had been there, the hearing would have died on its arse because of the judge’s other, late, demands.

This response bugs me for a particular reason. Parole boards love to hammer us for everything that happens in our lives, forever harping on about our “accepting responsibility” - even for things which are demonstrably not our damn fault.

Now, when one of their members has wasted months of my life and tens of thousands of taxpayers’ pounds, “accepting responsibility” is a mantra that is much more muted. It's the hypocrisy of it that grates.


  1. "Do as we say, not as we do."

    For "our benefit" they fill our lives with CCTV, for example; yet if we record 'them', we are terrorists. Such ethics trample to dust 'the golden', and 'the silver rule'.

    The plain fact is, Ben, litigation is designed to fail. The financial inefficiency with "taxpayers' pounds", is money in the pockets of the legal system. It is also designed as a red-herring, to decoy litigants from any serious regime challenge; for the perception of 'justice in action' detracts and wears down the challenger, as they are made to ride a paper tiger in endless circles.

    The legal system as it stands, is in my opinion, nothing more than expensive psychological warfare, against the aggrieved citizen.

  2. Yes, there is definitely something quite wrong going on here.

    Hard though it is, sometimes its necessary to swallow such things as these and carry on as if its nothing, carry on regardless, even though it might be hurting you like mad and irritating the crap out of you.

    Health and sanity are very precious and priceless. They should be elevated above all things.

    The ground that the parole board is now standing on is wearing thin and they cannot keep keeping you in, so relax and let it take its course now, the course to your release.

    There are many people willing and able to help you, I note from face book that there is a campaign being set up to send postcards to the head of the parole board, Sir David Latham urging him to enable your parole and fascilitate your release into the community as soon as possible.

    Those not on face book who wish to join this campaign need to get the address to send in the postcards.

    Best wishes Ben, we are thinking and praying for you.


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