Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Pond

The pond has become an object of obsession for a handful of my peers. Not in their appreciation, but in their perpetual fussing around it. Some people are straightening the flowers, polishing the stones, if it can be faffed around with, they will do it.

It is a very nice pond. It has turned a Colditz style yard into a place where loitering can even be present. For the first time in a decade, I even have a suntan.

Nice as it is, though, it will forever remain a pond. Just a pond. Watching these guys fart about with it all day, every day, makes me worry about their sense of perspective.


  1. I am told that sitting by and tending a pond is as good as praying.

  2. Prayer = Thought. That is why the spirit of God spoke through a man called Jesus Christ and said "Where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there!"

    One of the reasons I am not into any religion even though I am not an atheist is this religeous expectation of people praying to God. If God is my creator, the know it all, what do I say to him/her that he/she does not already know? SophieJ is bang on - your thoughts whether seating by the pond or in your sleep are equal to a prayer! I get prayers everyday from people who say to me "God bless you!" to others who send me verses from the Koran/bible and related scriptures as a thank you or encouragement.

    Next time you seat next to a pond, it is not the pond that is of importance, but it is your thoughts!


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