Sunday, August 8, 2010

A cup of tea for my Birthday.

So, the monkeys in charge of our lives have decided to withdraw goods in glass jars from our list of purchasable goods. The stupidity of inflicting this on a Cat-C prison due to a stabbing in a maximum security prison is obvious.

What it means for me is that I may have to give up drinking coffee. At present, the cheapest coffee is 89p and I try to buy a jar a week. Alas, this coffee comes in a glass jar.

The replacement cheap coffee, in a plastic jar, costs £1.66. On a wage of £2.50, minus a quid for the TV, it looks as if I'm reduced to crappy prison tea from here on in.

It's a bit much when I can't even celebrate my birthday with a decent cuppa!


  1. While in Cookham Wood, someone sent me in some body shop perfume, the oil type, (as anything with alcohol not allowed)I had to hand it out on a visit, as was told anything in a glass bottle wasn't allowed, (forgot that coffee jars come in glass) I wouldn't mind, but no shortage of drugs gets through, but my perfume not allowed. When is your birthday ben?

  2. Its Ben birthday today I think ( 9th August) or could be tomorrow (10th), whichever day it is, hope you have a good'un Ben, with lots of jollity, greetings and blessings, oh yes, I have pressed the donate button today to mark the special occasion, so buy yourself something nice! Best wishes xxx Love this your blog straight to the max!

  3. Happy Birthday Ben from everyone at Prisoners Families Voices!

  4. A good birthday to you Ben - have sent a gift for your birthday - buy some coffee in a plastic jar with some of it to celebrate! Really hope this might be the last one in prison for you - keep writing please.

  5. Sorry I missed your birthday Ben! I'm currently indulging in some 'time out' from technology :).

    I hope you'll be celebrating it as a free man next year ;-)


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