Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time and Tribulations

I strongly argue that there is little evidence that long term imprisonment causes measurable psychological damage. Except...

My sheer inability to measure the passage of time is becoming a genuine hindrance. Not to prison life, particularly, where nothing happens with any speed, but in relation to matters outside.

Replying to mail, my studies, forging and maintaining those important connections with the world...all of these are being degraded by a part of my brain that seems to have abandoned ship.

Is the blog really a year old? It could, in my estimation, been a few months or two years ago that I began. Has that pile of mail by my side really been neglected for weeks or months, rather than the few days I allocated? Did I last receive a visit two weeks ago, or was it three?

This is really quite scary.

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  1. Oh no, well if it makes you feel any better Ben, I have something similarly bizarre but different.

    Mine is that I can never remember my immediate past. When people I know ask me what I did for the weekend for example or what I did in the last few days I can never remember! I just go blank and usually simply say that I don't know and it is in the past!

    Is it early dementia, just being generally a bit decrepit, or that one too many reefers back in the days?

    It certainly is weird, you have my sympathy.

    Oh yes, I have been advised to do some physical activity as I'm told it might help sharpen up the brain, if that helps any.


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