Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big Rinty

Rinty has now gone into hospital and isn't expected back. A padlock seals his cell, and a forlorn note is attached to his cell-card, "OSH" - Outside Hospital".

The cancer that was only diagnosed a few short months ago has brought him near the end.  His friend, Erwin James, has written about Rinty the man in his books and on his blog:

This situation is sad enough.  It is made worse by some weasel Governor overriding a security assessment that says Rinty only needs to have one screw by his bedside (he can hardly walk), and instead insisting on two of the prison service's finest guarding a man at death's door.

What price dignity?


  1. Somehow Rinty's story strikes me as incredibly sad. I hope his last days are as dignified as possible. I also hope he's aware of how many people are thinking of him.

  2. It wouldn't surprise me, if they demanded he be handcuffed to the bed!

  3. Thanks for updating us on Rinty, Ben. I loved Erwin's book: A Life Inside.

  4. It could be worse! If he were a pregnant woman, he would have to give birth with handcuffs on. I read a story about this years ago in the papers.

  5. @Anonymous.
    This man's dying - not having a baby!

  6. Yes, I appreciate this update on big Rinty too Ben, your observations are insightful and they illuminate the injustice and indignation of this whole situation. You are doing a marvelous service in that respect Ben.

    When that time comes as it inevitably will do for Rinty, I pray that his spirit assends with grace and that he gets peace, love and rest.

  7. I believe Rinty has since died, thoughts are with his friends and family. RIP Rinty xx


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