Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cell Furniture

According to an Official Notice, the drive to strip our cells of "excess" furniture has officially come to a grinding halt.

It seems that the genii in charge of Shepton overlooked a simple issue - where do you store this furniture?  Answer - don't know, there's no space anywhere.

Honestly, this is Simpsonesque management.


  1. Lmao....Except Homer would eat it!!

  2. Sorry about this queenie ... it's just that I'm a bit unclear, what would Homer eat, the furniture at Shepton Mallet or your ass (as in Lmao)?

  3. It's exactly the same as management in any other large organisation - they're talking to each other but none of them's listening.

  4. Pffffftt. I really shouldn't laugh at that as I'm moderately sure it wasn't kindly meant, but well, Infamous did just make me spit out my coffee...

  5. lmao Infamous, Didn't realize I had to spell it out for you!! Just in case, it was the furniture.
    as for you wigarse.......still lmao xx


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