Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Notices to Prisoners

Who, in fairness, are broadly indifferent to any missive that issue from management...

Despite this, paperwork plasters prisons.  On my small spur alone, a cul-de-sac landing compromising a mere nine cells, the corridor holds no fewer than thirty notices and signs.

My theory is that prison management confuse the issuing of a notice with actually taking action of some sort.


  1. This is an unalterable truth of management everywhere. I'm certain that on some distant planet a trillion trillion trillion trillion lightyears away a member of an alien species so different to ours we cannot even conceive of how they may look or behave is staring in indignant rage at what passes for a noticeboard on their world.

  2. Lol....Do they say anything of any interest though? Or, like most doctors waiting rooms, do they 'warn' you of the dangers of smoking/eating etc etc., Truly the Nanny State......

  3. These so-called notice board are full of what we call in net speak 'spam', it is unsightly and unhomely. Its a perfect excuse for not engaging with anyone, a paper excuse for managements existence. (That's really accurate and funny Ben!)

    Nanny's are practical 'by nature', I'm not sure what is mean't exactly by a 'Nanny state', you hear it bandied about occasionaly

  4. Most of them are to remind the screws - what day of the week it is!


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