Monday, April 11, 2011

Reality Check

This weekend marked the anniversary of Ben's offence. Because he handed himself in and was locked up straight away, he has been "inside" for 31 years.  His release hearing is set for May 2012, and the parole board have recommended a minimum of 12 months in Cat D (open prison), which is why they need to move him there asap.

If his release hearing is successful and he is out next May/June, he will have served over 32 years.  Ed.


  1. I have a question for Ben (not sure if it has been answered before). Would Ben's attitude to his sentence and situation been different had he been sentenced to 32 years with a definite release at that date rather than a minimum tariff of 10 years with the parole board considering his release every few years after that?

  2. IN 1986, Nezer Hindawi, a Syrian agent with links to Libyan terrorists was sentenced to forty-five years - still I believe to be, the longest fixed jail term imposed by an English court.

    His crime was duping his pregnant fiancee into carrying a Semtex bomb (primed to go off at 39,000ft!) onto packed EL AL jumbo jet.

    Two years ago the parole board recommended his release on the condition he was deported (I call it being given a free one-way ticket home!) to his native Jordan. However, both the former Justice Secretary Jack Straw and his successor Ken Clarke have refused to accept these recommendations.

    On April 1st 2011 Hindawi won a high court challenge which basically said, that blocking his possible early release was unlawful and in breach of his human rights. He could now be freed following more legal argument and a possible ruling by the Supreme Court.

    Whatever the courts decide regarding his parole, Hindawi will be released (subject to no loss of remission!) in 2016 having served Thirty years.

    Ben took a life - Hindawi tried to take 375 lives including that of his fiancee and unborn child.

    Ben was a child of Fourteen (stuck in the 'care' system) who killed his mate by what I would describe as an act of 'gross immature stupidity' - and is now a man that, IMHO 'aches with remorse'.

    Hindawi is a man who showed no remorse when sentenced, and its my guess shows the same amount now.

    In conclusion, Apart from Ben being the 'thorn' that he is, I can see no reason why he should end up doing at least Two years longer than this terrorist.

    Another classic example of the Great British justice system.

    I say, it's about time they let him pack up 'The Jug' and baccy tin - and sent him on his way!

  3. @ Darby, Every time i go past the crown court in Maidstone, in big shiney letters it says "The law courts" because the courts are about law and not justice. (I think it was lord Hailsham who said that). The symbol of the illuminati opposit, in the shape of a needle says it all.

    Good for you Ben, hope you will keep us up to date with your life outside via this blog.

  4. This is a perfect example of 'Justice'.

    The truth is they, the system, is still meting it out to Ben. The longer they delay his move to open, the more chance he wont be ready for his parole hearing in May 2012.


  5. Here in Germany, Ben would have gotten 10 years (maximum penalty for juveniles) and served 7-8 - at the very most.

    What an insane system over there.

  6. @ Anonymous above - yes insane indeed.

    But look at today's 'Tweet' from The Howard League: Fact of the day: only the USA and Somalia sentence children to life sentences without parole.

    I think that just about says it all.


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