Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Laugh a Minute

Perhaps, if I want to cheer myself up a bit, I should change my current leisure reading?

Last week I was reading about the Battle for Berlin and the Kessel of Stalingrad.  This week I'm bouncing between biographies of Lenin, Hitler, and "The Emperor of Maladies" - A Biography of Cancer".

What a dumbass.


  1. Have you found out any interesting facts about their sex lives?

  2. Yes not exactly a bundle of laughs there Ben! Maybe you could have something a bit lighter on the go as well? How about War and Peace?:) Wishing you well, Jules

  3. Have you read any Dean Koontz? I'm reading 'Odd Thomas' at the moment and it's brilliant! I also like Philip Pullman :).

  4. maybe you need a dose of Cold Comfort Farm or even A Confederacy of Dunces?


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