Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sexist Cancer

I'm amazed at the number of female medics who talk dismissively of prostate cancer. To them, it's a minor issue, solved by ripping the prostate out.  Problem solved!

Now imagine a male doctor telling a woman with breast cancer it's no big deal; just chop her breasts off - job done!?


  1. Seems like you are having a hard time Ben, sorry about that. But why make it into a competition?

  2. I am disappointed at Ben's understanding of cancer and how it's viewed by the female medics. I am sorry to disappoint you Ben but all female medics are not the same and that your experience on the matter is certainly an exception to the rule. I accept that the standard of medical care within the high walls of a prison may not be the same as in general society but to lump the medics into ........ NO Ben you are totally out of step on this one, and I say this as a friend. prem

  3. Well, you can understand him being a bit hypertouchy about it given it could kill him...

    Still, sweeping generalisations help nobody and you'd think he'd know better given his situation, heh.

  4. To be fair to Ben, he didn't say, or even imply "all female medics" were dismissive, just that he was surprised at the number of them that were, so I'd assumed he was speaking from personal experience of said medics.

  5. The two cancers are very different in terms of prognosis and psychological impact. This determination to conflate the two, in terms that are alarmingly crude, as well as at the reputational expense of female medics, shows a settled malice on ben's part that seems sadly to be not out of character.

    Not a good look.

  6. Really Anon July 20, 2011 4:12 PM?

    Clearly a lot of women find the idea od a man's penis being cut off highly hilarious, let alone a prostate.


  7. It was not intended to be a joke, infamous.

  8. I didn't take it as a joke pb, but even if half serious its not funny.

    Attention grabbing though it is, and, given what is going on for Ben at the moment and his circumstances, it is forgivable I think.

    It really must be terrible to still be locked up after all this time and not having committed any further crime than the one he did all those years ago, it really is not fair.

    I hope that something positive can be done for Ben now, and my advice to Ben would be to hold back from making any grand noises in your defence at the parole hearing, just listen to what the parole board have got to say and then take your time to let it sink in before deciding or embarking on any course of action. Best wishes Ben

  9. Good post Ben, what took you so long to realise that feminism isn't anything to do with 'equality'?

    Good link Anonymous 6:30 pm; Sharon Osborn shouldn't be allowed back into this country.

    Consider the ban on Geert Wilders, whose 'crime' was to: warn of the threat of Islamic fundamentalism; but Sharon Osborn's outrage is in support of the evil of feminist misandry, therefore she should definitely be banned from re-entering Britain, to be consistent with outlawing provocations against members of the human race!

  10. Slavering about Jimmy? Geert Wilder's crime is his farcical hair-don't. Do you have a poster of Pim Fortune on your bedroom ceiling?

  11. Could it be perhaps that the nurses made out like prostate cancer was no big deal because it is a common and simple procedure?As long as it hasnt spread, you remove the prostate and hey presto! Problem solved!
    I dont think its even remotely possible to compare cancers, as all are pretty fucked up, but as a woman your comment out having breasts being chopped off pissed me off. Having your prostate out... no one needs to EVER know about that.. having your breast chopped off, everyone can see it. Your breast area is one of the first thing a person sees when they meet you.. .. Can you imagine having to show everyone where your prostate was everyday? Not fun..
    You're lucky as a man, you dont have to worry about cerical cancer. Now thats a fun one. They cut parts of your cervix out.. if it spreads, some uterus gone..possible your ovaries... can you imagine having to have your penis, your balls, everything man removed from your body? Now thats some pretty fucked up shit.

    So please, dont give me shit about how nurses didnt act like prostate cancer was a huge deal.. they have seen a billion things worse, it is a simple and successful operation and unless you are a gay man and/or really really enjoy anal stimulation on your prostate, are you really going to miss it??? You certainly wont see any scars on your body!
    Womens cancers are just as fucked as any cancer.. but there are some you want more than others (if you could pick).. prostate cancer is one id prefer... if only i had a prostate...!

  12. Huntress, the side effects are dire; erectile dysfunction and incontinence being the two main ones. To be imprisoned all your life then come out and not be able to have a sex life - a whole life of involuntary celibacy - consider that!

  13. Anon... ok, im going to be be very frank and up front here.. excuse my bluntness.

    I am a sex worker, Sex is how i pay my bills.. now before you all judge me and call me a whore and a slut, i will have you know, that in Australia, it is a legal occupation, i pay taxes, i pay superannuation, i have an accountant and a bank manager, i do not take drugs. If you met me on the street, you would never know.

    I have had bad pap smears. There is cervical cancer and breast cancer in my family... i have cysts on my ovaries.

    Any day now, i may get a very bad pap smear and thats it! No longer will i be able to have children but i also lose my livelihood!

    Oh gee, poor hooker, right?
    No... its poor woman!

    I have considered your "poor guy, in jail and then wont be able to have sex" and im sorry, but he has survived all this time, been thru hell and back.. just to be free and alive, that is what matters! Whether or not he can fuck does it matter?? Seriously?

    As a sex worker, i understand how important sex can be to some people and even with erectile dysfunction, people can still have a great sex life. Its not always about dick in pussy and fucking. There is way more than that to it. And i have met many men like ben thru my work , who have done long stints in prison and you know what? 9 times out of 10, all they have wanted to do is cuddle and have someone touch them in a nonviolent, non aggressive manner. Someone to hold them, kiss them and just be with them. Sure they may talk the talk with the lads "├┐eah when i get out im guna fuck some bitches for hours on end and blow like 10kilos of cum" .. but when it comes down to it, cuddles and kisses its what they want.

    Ben, prostate cancer is not the end of the world, nor is it the end of your sex life. You are not alone and you can still live a happy productive life xxx

  14. I have often wondered why prostitution is illegal, when making it so just forces it to go underground and puts the women working in the oldest of professions in a vulnerable position. I was not aware that it's legal in Oz, but pleasantly surprised to hear that it is. They got something right, then!

  15. Yes Goose thank god!! Im on a mission to get USA to decriminalize sex work.. i think its better to control it, give the girls a safe place to work from(brothels) get them to be regularly tested for STI's etc.. make them feel like part of society!! We are not all druggo fuckwits with 3 kids living in cupboard boxes with no teeth!! We love what we do! It is our lifestyle! And most of you would never even know lol.

    We are very lucky in Australia.. altho we are still seen as "dirty prostitutes" to some people, the stigma is slowly changing.. thank god!!!

    Sorry.. i get abit carried away :)

  16. Its a shame to live like we do, in a world where money is used in exchange for sex. I would like to live in a world where there was no prostitution and where the word rape does not exist, as is the case in some African and Aboriginal tribes for example. Prostitution should be made legal though, I believe that, for one thing because it would protect the vulnerable women from violence and allsorts of other terrible acts inflicted on them. But I would love to see the back of the trade, it doesn't do anyone any favours to debase the sex act to one of a monetary exchange, least of all the women involved in the trade even though they might think its all dandy, (especially the money), but so many lives get ruined along the way because of it, its surely far better to do something useful and practical in our time here.

  17. oh great.. are you saying that all sex workers are victims and we need to be saved??? PUH-LEASE!!
    So many lives get ruined? Really? How many sex workers do u actually know?

    I could say so much more, but its totally off topic and not what this blog is about.
    If anyone would like to continue a discussion on sex work and how we are all lost souls who are fucked forever, please visit my blog and post there..


  18. Sorry one more thing.
    There will always be a need for sex workers. How else would a man with some major disabilities ever feel the touch of a woman? Are they just to live a life of loneliness? Or what about a man who is socially inept and just cant even talk to girls? How is he ever going to get the courage to do so? I do more than just fuck for money, I have changed peoples lives. I have healed marriages, i have given shy men the confidence to go out and meet girls... what will happen to those nice people if us dirty hookers were not here????

    end rant

    sorry xxxx

  19. Of course you would say all those things above as you have, its all the same old same old propaganda shite; being that it is your business, I wouldn't have expected anything less

    From girls and women getting so violently attacked because hatred is vented out on them, and there are some who don't survive their ordeals; to the many people whose lives and relationships get ruined by your unnecessary 'service', it ain't work and it you ain't doing any one any service except for the gangsters, Pimps and Madams of this world.

  20. i think you will find there is more violence and death with women in domestic situations than you will with sex workers.

    Sex work IS Work!

    Oh and for the record, i work for myself, i dont have a "pimp" . Pimps only exist in areas where the industry is not legal. I assume you live in a country where sex work is not legal so how can i expect you to have any clue on what you are talking about!

    Sorry to the readers.. i wont comment again on this...

    Really sorry

  21. Good for you Huntress, why should women give men free sex? It is only a business transaction, if men haven't the social skills to get sex any other way, where is the harm. Wish i had the guts to do it, just worried about all the wirdos.

  22. "you will find there is more violence and death with women in domestic situations", of course there is lots of violence and death there too. And, its all linked together. Buying and selling sex utterly distorts the way we relate to one another, that doesn't change whether its legal or illegal but women and girls are more protected from the serious violence that accompanies prostitution if it is legal, and, as I said before I am all for legalisation, but it doesn't mean its an ok trade in any way whatsoever

  23. Nonsense. It's a business transaction - no strings sex with no emotion or relationship involved. Simple. My only complaint, as a woman, is that it only really exists for men. There are male escorts out there, but they are few and far between and tend to be complete knobs (no pun intended!)

  24. Paying a woman for sex is simply a contract that any pair should be free to engage in at will.

    Marriage, however, puts men in a precarious position of sex for indentured servitude; with the penurious sword of Damocles dangling over his privates, with the perpetual threat of her instigated divorce.

    I say legalize prostitution, and ban marriage; it will bring down the prices nicely, and put a smile back on men's faces, whilst teaching women not to take men's affections for granted.

  25. My uncle many years ago, used to use hookers. He said he could take out a woman, for the evening, for a meal, theatre, whatever, and he may or may not get sex at the end of it. He could spend the same amount, on a hooker, and get sex without any hassel. I really don't see the problem. I don't get why pretty girls get so drunk on a night out, and then are game to sleep with someone she wouldn't normaly, for free??? And i wouldn't see a need for a male escort. Any woman can get free sex, i have been in jail, and knew of a few women that were very plain, and made a good living. By the way would be interested to know how Huntress deals with smelly punters, ugly is one thing, but couldn't do smelly.

  26. Yuk, there's a thought. I s'pose you could just insist they shower first?

  27. @ Huntress....Thanks for your honesty. Let's face it, if men didn't pay for it there would be no need for prostitution. I wish they would legalize brothels over here.

    As for Ben and his cancer, good luck and stay positive!!

  28. "Let's face it, if men didn't pay for it there would be no need for prostitution."

    ...And if women weren't selling it, there would be no market; therefore, no prostitutes or punters.

  29. Whichever way you look at it, the oldest profession will always be here.

    @Jimmy Giro, were you held at gunpoint to get married then? I will never get married, because i own a property, and also, because, as a woman, i don't belive in it. We are together because we want to be, know too many people who are married only because of kids, can't afford to split etc.

  30. Old it might be, but nothing lasts forever

  31. "By the way would be interested to know how Huntress deals with smelly punters, ugly is one thing, but couldn't do smelly."

    When a booking first starts the client is expected to have a wash :)
    Personally i know how bad men are at washing themselves (generalisation BUT there are alot lol) so for me, im happy as long as their hands, underarms, penis, balls and ass are washed lol.

    If a guy has had a shower and he still is stinky, i order him right back in there and 9 times out of 10 would wash him myself lol.

    ""Let's face it, if men didn't pay for it there would be no need for prostitution."
    ...And if women weren't selling it, there would be no market; therefore, no prostitutes or punters."

    If there were no women selling it, there would be more men taking it without asking.... yes thats right, i personally feel that the sex industry prevents rapes from occuring. It doesnt stop all, but i am CERTAIN that it helps keep rape victim numbers down. But thats a whole blogs worth of conversation .... lol

  32. Rubbish. Rape is stolen sex, so it can only be stolen if it's not free. Some of the vile acts done to prostitutes... some terrible violence, such as beheading, its disgusting, an awful trade, of no help to anyone. Bought and sold sex permeates into all our lives, whether we want it or not because it distorts our sexualities, we are not free. Our lives are not enhanced by prostitution, crap.

  33. Rape is about power anon above, nothing to do with sex. Prostitutes provide a service to those that want to use that service. I dare say there are many straight forward transactions. I know a woman who was a working girl, her phone didn't stop. So there is a very high demand.

    Huntress, what do you tell your friends and family you do for a job?

  34. high demand? oh, well that makes it all okay then. never mind the ripper, the yorkshire ripper, the traffiking, those girls in 2009, five of them was it? Who were serially murdered. Let alone all the unheard of cases and atrocities we don't hear about like the woman I knew who was beheaded ( it didn't make the news ). There is a difference between making it legal which it should be and making it acceptable which it isn't nor ever will be.

  35. I know a drug dealer whose phone went off all the time and then, when he got greedy and went for a different supplier, the gear was dodgy and his clients died from the consumption of it. But prior to that he was so popular, it was ring ring ring all day long

  36. "If there were no women selling it, there would be more men taking it without asking.... yes thats right, i personally feel that the sex industry prevents rapes from occuring. It doesnt stop all, but i am CERTAIN that it helps keep rape victim numbers down. But thats a whole blogs worth of conversation .... lol"

    That's very public spirited of you. Will you drop the price so as to reduce the rape even further?

  37. Jimmy can't afford it on his giro, and since bus station toilets started charging 20p admission, even that previously much traversed avenue of relief is now closed to him.

  38. Its too simple to say that rape is about power and it is clearly a sex act but it is more complex that just about dominating and subordinating women, it has its roots in how is sex portrayed and acted out in society.

    Sex is not free and its difficult nigh on impossible to break away from marketisation and exploitation even if we try really hard, because it is a reality and shapes us and our sexual development (if you can call it that, more like mal development or malevolent even).

    So, some people might be surprised for example that women have rape fantasies, but given what exists for sexual relationships and the fact that marketisation and exploitation are facts, our sexual fantasies are shaped by this.

    We can only be fully realised as who we are when sex is given freely and as an expression of love. Sex without love is nothing and sex in exchange for money is ruination.

    People do struggle to achieve real love in their lives, many never give up trying to find it, and some people experience it for a short or long while. We know it exists and that real love is not only desirable but it is also essential for us all and for our survival.

    One of the greatest tesimonies of the reality of prostitution has to be the lyrics of the song 'House of the Rising Sun', famously covered by the Animals but originaly written by a female prostitute living (and dying) in an American brothel, check it.

  39. Superb post there, Sophie J.

  40. My physical father died of Cancer! It started in the prostate, then moved into all of his bones. He took six years to die. I was at his bedside at the end! I know a lady, who had both breasts removed, because of cancer. She has no hang-ups about it, well, none that I know of, in twenty years! I myself, have dealt with the health service all of my life. I am as old as it, so I know it like a it is my sister =D I have been lied to, on many occasions. My parents were lied to when I was a child. I have been lied to, just recently. Now! What gender lies more, than the other? =D Here is a simple test, for all. Especially young adults. I know the answer, before I ask, as I have been doing this test for many years, it never fails.
    1. Hard Option. The End of Time is about to happen on the 24th Dec. 2011. A "Big Bang" takes place, and my Soul, is out of here! :D
    2. Soft Option. On the 25th Dec. 2011, the whole Human Race will wake up with the Sun, to not it's measly 10% brain power, but the full 100% brain power! Mind-to-Mind thought! No more lies :D Guess what I have found? Almost 100% young guys, said "Yes" to Option 2. Almost 100% of young women, say they prefer Option 1. Now, I am a Gnostic, so I have a very different reason to act, or desire an outcome, from almost all others. I prefer Option 1. so my Soul can go Home. But this was the option, that most young females wanted! This gets really weird, as most young women, never mention their Soul? The young guys, they say, that they would like mind-to-mind, no-lies situation. So, back to young women, and how can they want the place terminated, when they know nothing of their Soul? I have asked young guys, middle-age guys, old guys, single, married, and divorced, what they reckoned was the answer, as to why young women would say what they do? :D The guys answers, were all the same O_O The only thing that I can say is, the young women have got a lot of explaining to do! But, don't bother explaining to the guys, because they have worked it out already, they just go along with the game :D So, ladies, what do you think guys say about you, behind your backs? It is not for me to say here, but you all know the answer don't you? The game is up, as it seems we are all going to get 100% mind-power :D And I never voted for that, I voted the same as you, ladies, so don't blame me. I am just the messenger, who kicks bedposts a lot, Amen!


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