Friday, July 15, 2011

A Slow Day

Only one guy having his door kicked in and robbed, another guy being attacked, and one screw wanting to take a con into a cell for a "straightener".


  1. Personally, (regarding some of the more particularly nasty-minded screws), I used to 'dream' of the last scenario taking place. Smile!

  2. Sounds like just another day at the mill. For those who may think that this sounds like an exceptionally violent day, let me persuade you otherwise. Only three "incidents" in the entire jail in a single day is no more than an average day.
    Last week at Full Sutton ( near York ) the entire wing was warring. It was Liverpool boys V the Muslims. The entire prison was on "lock down". All this violence was a copy cat of what happened in Frankland prison. This severe violence was kept under wrap by the prison authourities. All violence that takes place within the high walls does not get reported or logged as violent crime. Oh sad, oh sad, oh sad.

  3. Anonymous above - yes sad indeed.

  4. What's a straightener?

  5. Anon 12:10

    A stand-up fight between two people - no weapons!


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