Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Rehabilitation Joke

I have just formally applied to have my word processor in my possession in order to continue my Ph.D. research.  The Governor responded with a lifeless, bureaucratic "not approved".

With that reasoned explanation, he has rung the death knell on my research and my rehabilitation. Just a couple of words to trash my future employment choices, 3 years of work, and the money that you donated towards my fees.

Such is he nature of the rehabilitation ideal in the modern prisoner service.  It has led to a plague of very nice notices, but the reality is a sick joke.


  1. Perhaps he doesnt want you to be more qualified than he is?

  2. Probably right Anonymous. What a disgrace - the prison service is supposed to facilitate rehabilitation - what a complete waste - let us all write to the Ministry about it? Does anyone else agree and could we ALL do it?

  3. You should ring up Ben and complain!

  4. Mary, I think you are right, time to pick up the pen again!!.

    What a farce...while I can understand their reluctance to allow Ben access to his wp again. Even if he was stupid enough to have another.
    Surely now they know where the mobile was stashed it will be pretty easy to make sure it's not in there. The case for allowing him to continue is surpassed by their desire to continue punishing him.


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