Thursday, July 21, 2011

Miserable Git

The Editor tells me that you are getting a tad bored by my recent outpouring of misery.  Fair enough!

Every decade, give or take a year, I seem to hit a brick wall that saps my resilience.  The first time it happened it led to my not eating for 44 days.  The second time, I didn't eat for a mere 3 weeks.  And this time, my third decade, it has led to my boring you all senseless.

Surely that's an improvement?! And normal services is now resumed.


  1. I think we can let you off a bit of a tizzy once every decade :)

  2. Come on Ben, go and find some jovial people to hand out with. I had some of the best laughs ever in jail. No, not all the time, but i invented skiving. In the workshop, there was a circle of us, where we would spend hours having a bloody good laugh, two particular in-mates were the in-house entertainment. I was telling my visitor about what we girls chatted about in "Skivers corner" and low and behold, next day, there was a message on the local radio station for me and my mates in Skivers corner in HMP Cookham Wood. The governor was not amussed.

  3. Anon 7:49

    I'm with you on the fact that prison can provide some very funny moments, - but I guess most 'jokes' wear a bit thin after 30 odd birthdays behind the wall.

  4. Lol Ben, considering how many years you have spent in there I think you do remarkably well:-)
    We all know you can be a miserable git, not a fully paid up member of the "awkward squad" for nothing now are we?. In other words....much the same as us outsiders, good days, bad days we all need a moan now and then.

  5. Hang on in there Ben - there are lots of people out here that love you and are doing all they can - the wheels turn so slowly sometimes, it must feel as if it has stopped. But you are on my mind every day, and I will do everything I can to make things right for you this time. I prefer, for my own reasons, to remain 'anonymous', but you know who I am !! x

  6. See Ben, you got that many admirers, so many people who take the time to read your blog and show you kind support, and in so many ways, psychologically, spiritually, materially.

    (We must be stupid fools to be taken in by your baddass bs. And I bet you think you are so clever with it all too)

    Good luck Ben you are going to need it on the out.

  7. How nice to see the above encouraging comments - I would like to add mine - keep strong Ben and yes, we do think about you a lot and things will get better for you. Keep writing and try not to step out of line - agive 'them' no reason to get at y ou. Love.

  8. Any more 'encouragers' around? We want Ben's 'services' resumed, Lmfao! Ben, you are bad


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