Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Both Shepton Mallet and Erlestoke are category C prisons, holding men who lack the ability or urge to do a bunk, but who can't quite be trusted in open prison.

To the unknowing, then, they should be much or a muchness.  And yet...

The regimes are so much more different, as in the culture on the landings and relationships with staff. Next week I shall be exploring the sociology of the prison, helping to highlight what it is that makes every prison different even when, on paper, they are identical; and what this may mean for reducing crime.


  1. I'd be interested if Ben could produce a comparison of his daily routine at the two prisons. I appreciate that he may not wish to and may wish to keep parts of his life different, but if he is willing then I'm sure I'm not the only person who is curious.

  2. This sounds quite interesting, Ben. I'm looking foreward to reading it.

  3. Go for it Ben,

    It's about time we heard from prisoners themselves about the different 'regimes' the advantages/disadvantages etc.,. If nothing else, it will cause some hysteria from certain quarters.


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