Thursday, July 7, 2011


Just to illustrate that Shepton isn't alone in churning out notices which may well be collections of random words, my food ordering form here has the following printed on the top:

"Christmas day menu has changed and is served as breakfast and Christmas day lunch not lunch and dinner as stated".

And in July to boot!


  1. From what I can remember, its not the words they get mixed up when it comes to Christmas dinner in prison - it's the ingredients!

  2. Its a comma they have missed out. It makes sense like this: "Christmas day menu has changed and is served as breakfast and Christmas day lunch, not lunch and dinner as stated".

    I'll now add gibberish to the list of languages I can understand then!

    They could have inserted a word like 'previously stated' to make it more clear.

    I used to work for a local council once and was famous for 'over working' words and sentences, often rendering the meaning incoherent.

    It can be easily done, but is still infuriating.

  3. Prison is a strange place where mistakes flow one way and one way only. If a prisoner makes them then punishment but when officialdom ....... Anyway, there is nothing wrong with bringing Xmas into July.Food is and has aways been a big issue in jail. I remember someone complaining about food and the response from the Assistant Governor was to display in official notice cabinet a menu from 19th century! prem


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