Friday, November 11, 2011

Endless Struggle

The official criteria for priority to move to Open Prison is whether one is over tariff, and how long one has been waiting for the move.

As I'm 21 years over tariff and have now been waiting a full year for the transfer, I'd like to think that I've been put near the top of the list.



  1. Hope so Ben, but do you have to be out of the punishment block first, before they will transfer you?

  2. Keeping everything crossed that it will be your turn next Ben. Behave yourself until it is. Keep writing please.

  3. Sophie, Ben is not in the punishment block because he is in trouble - he works there. He is the "Orderly". He serves food, cleans and, far as I can see, helps to keep the peace!

  4. Right, but does he live there too? If so, maybe he would have to be in the main block before they will transfer? Just a thought. Hope he gets a transfer to open soon whichever way

  5. ' I'd like to think that I've been put near the top of the list.'

    In my opinion, the above deserves to read, 'AT' the top of the list.


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