Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What a Shambles

That most toxic of combinations - media outrage and Government populism - has seen the lifer population leap from 3600 to over 10000.
Given the short-term impulses that led to this situation, the long term consequences were carefully neglected. And this is now biting me in the ass like a starving snapper-turtle.
Given that, at last, the forces that control my life appear to be content that I attain release, a swift move to open prison and a kindly Parole Board next year should have seen me off into the sunset. Alas, the open estate is choked.
With over 10,000 Lifers - easily sentenced, less swiftly released -then the demand for places in Open were inevitably going to be excessive. Our political masters failed to plan for this. The result is that I am stuck: in a queue of over 300 Lifers all competing for a move to open conditions.
The history of the Life sentence, its justification and criminological basis, is lengthy and convoluted. But never before has it come to pass that we can be told that we must remain in prison solely because the narrow path to release is oversubscribed.

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  1. How terrible it must be for Ben and the others all trying to get out of prison, this situation is inhumane and makes me very angry.

    I know Ben is already a patient man, but keep it up Ben, keep up your strength, meditate and pray.

    I wish you speed in your exit from the hell of the prison life you have had to endure now for over thirty years.

    Well done for bringing this situation home to us as you have done and are still doing, keep it up, keep up the fight but also relax and may peace be with you always x


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