Sunday, November 20, 2011

Taking the Temperature

In a quiet moment the member of staff pointed out that it had been a peaceful few days across the prison.  "That means either that there's absolutely no drugs about, or a lot of drugs about..."

Before the advent of heroin as a great force, it was a staff mantra that "a stoned prisoner is a happy prisoner".  The spliff may have been replaced by the needle, but not much ever changes.


  1. I do think they need to stop testing for grass (or ignoring positives for grass) at a national level so people don't go in as stoners and come out as smackheads which seems unfortunately to happen quite a bit due to grass hanging around in the system for several weeks compared to a few days for heroin...

  2. I agree. Cannabis is nature's herbal remedy for having too much time on your hands.
    When I was unemployed, a batch of funny gingerbread made the time float happily by. When the economy looked up and I got a job, I hadn't time for it and didn't need it.
    And in prisons with gardens they could grow their own...


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