Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rumours of Rumours

One of the odd and unsettling aspects of the local culture is the seemingly infinite willingness of a lot of prisoners to spread gossip and repeat private conversations.  In such a captive, introverted community such indiscretion can be a recipe for trouble.

I find this strange.  As a political and legal activist I am used to having conversations that remain private.  Finding myself in a situation where everything that's said is repeated out on the landing is disturbing.

Even so, I shall try to maintain my practice based on Chatham House rules - whatever is said in my cell should damn well stay there.

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  1. Those Chatham house rules might have been applicable in the past, and yes, ought to be still be applicable, but its just that you are not only a very high profile prisoner now, you are also still a new kid on the block, so the others might well find you and all the things you say very interesting, too interesting even.

    There also is the connection via the blog to quite a large audience, so again the other prisoners are going to be rather more curious about you than any of them would have ever been in the past.

    I guess its a price you pay for your talents; fame, of some sort.

    It'd probably be best at the moment to keep schtum a little, even on minor things and instead get into a good book or maybe try your hand at some art or craft, people are more likely to leave you be if you're engrossed in something like that.

    Can you tell us whether we can send items like books into the jail for you yet? Last I heard they were not accepting any items other than letters or cards for prisoners, has that changed? Could you let us know as I have some really interesting books you might like : )


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