Saturday, November 19, 2011


The creation of a nonsmoking prison on the Isle of Man has seen prisoners doing what we do best – using time and desperation to circumvent the restric­tions placed upon us. In this care, the desperate locals have resorted to boiling nicotine patches to extract the ingredients to sate their hunger for a decent hit of nicotine.
This enterprise pales into insignificance compared to a recent event here. A man managed to build a computer in his cell with illicit components.
Never underestimate a prisoner with a lot of spare time...


  1. As a non-smoker, who has thus never felt the need for either cigarettes or nicotine patches, I may be missing something here, but...why boil the patches? Nicotine patches exist to put nicotine into your bloodstream - what's wrong with the way they deliver it that makes boiling them for the (likely smaller ammount) of nicotine, the better way to go? If you don't htink the hit is big enough, what stops them from using multiple patches? (if the answer is 'not allowed' that's more understandable)

  2. I see your point Jess. Maybe though, its the actual act of inhalation that they crave and the control over when and how much their intake is?

    Smoking is a social act and the use of patches diminishes that role. Use of them is unsatifactory and annoying probably too for those who wish to smoke and are not choosing to give up.

    It does strike me as cruel to ban smoking when people don't want to stop themselves and when tobacco and cigarettes are still manunfactured.

    Personally I am waiting for the day they invent a cigarette or smoking material that is GOOD for you, I'm sure it is possible; and it would probably involve the marijuana plant to achieve it. Afterall if they have the science and capability to add and enhance a 'high' from marijuana in the form of skunk, then they would also be able to render it neutral from it's mind altering capabilities.

    Some of us just wish to smoke and not dice with their health to such a degree that currently available smoking materials require.

    Marijuana's hallucinagenic properties are found naturally in the plant when it grown in the tropics, the stuff that grows naturally in this country ( for example Hemel HEMPstead ) has very little or no THC in it, (it used to be used to make rope from), but it could probably be manufactured somehow to make an aromatic and harmless smoke :)

    Any willing entrepeneurs out there willing to give it a go? Difficult I know, as there would be the small matter of the law to contend with, sadly :(

  3. Well said, Ben sir! I would rather expand it a bit more and say Never underestimate the creative spirit of a human being. There are such hidden gems in each of your posts..

    Creativity is like water. It can be felt but never captured, it eventually finds its way out. When it is captured, it finds its way into all the corners and fills up all the space available, even if that means taking the shape of the container. Creativity, like water, will eventually cut through rocks and carve out caverns and canyons for itself. Creativity shapes the landscape of the mind's personality.

    Dear Ben sir - In India, some of the great books were written in the solitude of the prison where the body was at rest and mind was at work. Nothing can stop the human spirit from soaring.. Nature had us imprisoned on this planet for centuries and now we have broken free and gone into space..

    Where the mind is without fear, freedom lives there

  4. Yes but I also.notice the prison is far from full as no one wants to get sent there. So crime is lower, maybe they should ban smoking across the whole prison estate and see if that affect crime levels. Besides it is also not fair on the non smokers and we can't smoke in.pubs so why in.prison.

  5. Talking of ingenuity, how about this ex-con's post-prison career choice?


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