Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time Travel

Producing the blog, at my end, has taken on hints of time travel.

For the first 18 months I resided in the 1970's, using a word-processor. For the past 6 months I revisited the scholastic Middle Ages - pen and paper.  Today, I have leapt forward to the late 19th century having finally taken possession of a manual typewriter.

I suspect that the average blogger doesn't have this experience!  And this ever shifting technology base has a real effect on my output. Writing by hand meant that the editor had to decipher and type my posts, a dedication that I could only repay by avoiding long posts.

The typewriter will be a great help but I have to wonder if the prison service will ever allow me to use contemporary technology?

Ed's note:this is a great relief as his writing is terrible!  I can now scan what he sends me into Word. A big thank you to the kind blog reader who donated the typewriter. 


  1. Hi
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  2. Congrats on the typewriter. They are really necessary. For exaple, if you travel somewhere, you may want to keep a diary with everything that happens. Last year I started one in my trip to Argentina. The lady who got me the apartment for rent in buenos aires gave it as a welcome present and I started to write. A one point I realized I could not stop!
    A typewriter would have been great!

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