Monday, December 12, 2011

Beware of the Snakes

During the induction talk the staff warned me about the dangers and prevalence of "black mamba".  Lethal snakes in Derby were not on my list of potential Cat-D pitfalls...

Inquiries revealed that Black Mamba is a legal high that substitutes for cannabis and is undetectable on urine testing. Its popularity speaks for its efficacy.

I'm not tempted.  But I will now be treading more cautiously in the long grass...


  1. "Black mamba" = damiana - a mexican herb which is purported to be a powerful aphrodisiac and useful for erectile dysfunction. An interesting choice for a prison...

  2. Welcome to (almost) liberty - unfortunately, you'll never be truly free from a Life Sentence...

    Christmas Card and Postal Order on the way :-)

  3. Snakes are a kind of reptiles that have the most poison. That's why we should really be very careful.


  4. Black mamba snakes are not jokes. They are really deadly and dangerously fast. Plus, its venom can instantly stop its victim's heartbeat. Reportedly, only a few had survived it. Source:


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