Thursday, May 13, 2010


Writing the pieces on sex in prison reminded me of Nancy Friday and so I ordered three of her books through the Library. They were on the shelves at another library in the County.

Alas, the Deputy Governor found out about this wickedness. That is, I was grassed up by someone. I have now been informed that these books will not be supplied.

Perhaps this is why the prison system is flooded with heroin and mobile phones: managers are too busy looking out for erotic books.


  1. Ideas and knowledge pose a greater peril than drugs or phones. I think this Governor is right, but should widen his remit to all media which provoke thought and impart information. That you, Ben, can run an ideas empire from within the walls of your ancient and hallowed incarceration centre is a scandal.

  2. Charles, do I detect more that a hint of sarcasm here?! You can't be serious...

  3. Yeah, I'm being ironical. An eminently challengeable decision by the Gov, I would hope. If he says yes to, er, John Stuart Mill, and no to Ms Friday, Ben is in an if-this-why-not-that? situation - I would hope. Are you, Ben (or Ben's Ed? Is this how it works?)

    The vindictive idiocy of our prison system would drive me to enraged insanity. That and its unaccountability.

  4. An ideas empire. Mmmm, a brain? I like that


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