Friday, May 7, 2010


From Ed:

Please visit the Facebook site and look at the letter just posted from Ben's barrister to get a full explanation of what happened to Ben on Wednesday and why we so badly need a reform of the system in the this country.


  1. Its an outrage that Ben's future can be held up like this just because of his being intimately involved with someone for goodness sake, he is a grown man. I cannot understand why the parole board has used Ben's relationship as a way of keeping him locked up in Shepton Mallet.

    Well I shall be writing again to Mr Donkoh at the MoJ asking him and the department he works for to intervene in this farce and make haste Ben's release.

    Its our money that is being used to keep him (and others) so unfairly behind bars. Its has to stop.

  2. Have read the site - I want to know who and how risk assessments are made?

    How can Ben be such a risk for having a relationship with someone and talking about a mobile phone? Might be against prison 'rules' but hardly high risk!

  3. Mary, to understand the risk issue, please pop over to Facebook and read the most recent letter from Flo Krause, Ben's barrister. I shall also be posting a blog on the subject soon which Ben has sent me (just have to scan it in...)


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