Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't ask, don't tell

At the end of a Drugs Awareness course, the female tutor asked if anyone had any feedback.

An innocent soul took the opportunity to offer his opinion. "Your arse is way too big for those trousers."


  1. That is what I always say to idiots ben; "Don't ask me any question that has nothing to do with you because you will get either the truth that you don't like to hear or I will tell you a big lie and if you believe my big lie you will make yourself a big fool."

    Saves her right bugger!

  2. Florence I am surprised at you! How can it 'serve her right' that the woman got a derogatory comment about her body? It doesn't serve any woman right, just because they possess a body that someone feel fit to negatively remark on.

    As if there arn't enough things to worry about in life as it is without having to think:- well does everyone approve of the way I look? It is shallow and cheap.

    I now await all your comments on how I am spoiling everyone's fun...

  3. Well I am surprised at myself - but what the hell did she want to know about what prisoners thought about her stupid lecture on drugs? I take it that she assumes that those in prison are drug addicts and I wasn't particularly biting back at her bottom as I have a big one too!

  4. Oh and Soph I did not take this comment about her trousers as sexist at all. As you know I wear very tight jeans too because I love the feel of it. My gripe with people who ask for a feedback at such lectures is that I believe that such lectures are extremely important as a means of engaging with others. So rather than asking for a feedback as in evaluating her lecture the lecturer should open up a debate after her presentation so that participants can also make their own contributions. That is where I am coming from as I do this kind of work pretty often myself. I hope I have cleared things up - sexists are appauling even if directed to men and this does not sound sexist at all.

  5. yeah, Ok I can see the funny side to this, asking for 'evaluation' and what she got in return. It is funny!


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