Sunday, May 16, 2010


But let's be fair, are there not situations in life that actually beg for a violent response?

I discovered today that the psychology department doesn't allow groups of prisoners to have "brain storming" sessions, lest it upsets epileptics.

Now, they have "thought showers".

If that doesn't deserve someone being bopped on the nose, I'm not sure what does!


  1. Ben this is symptamatic of what is wrong with this country, plain speaking has gone, buzz words and their like-makes ya spit

  2. Brainstorming is a key part of nearly all accredited programmes run in prisons, many of which are run by HMP psychology departments, so I find it strange that this is not the case in HMP Shepton Mallet.

  3. You know the funniest thing about this? The people they are so scared of offending are more offended by this kind of crap than they are of the supposedly offensive word!. The irony is that whilst we jump on stupid things like this, truly nasty, hurtful behaviour towards our fellow human beings goes totally unchecked.

  4. Have any actual epileptic individuals been consulted in this attempt to protect their fragile feelings, or were they ignored on the grounds that they're too busy having epileptic fits to be trusted with their own feelings?

    The latter is the more discriminatory, and by far the more likely.

  5. Maybe their version of brainstorming is someone carrying a hammer. Ben please try your best to get out of that place before they force you to commit another crime!


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