Friday, May 14, 2010

Sex and Cereal

One of the side effects of the reduced kitchen service is that we are occasionally being issued with non-standard fare.

On the weekend I was indulged with a meat pie. Not any old meant pie, but a Pukka Pie. These differ from our usual pies in that they actually have a filling that comprises more than a smear. As it was put on my plate I could feel the weight of it.

And our breakfast changed for a few days. Rather than having some generic corn-based mulch we were handed mini boxes of real Kellogg’s stuff. We can buy these ourselves but I've never felt a part of that financial group. These were a revelation. Coco Pops and Crunchy Nut, a treat for my taste buds. It was a brief episode as we have been returned to crap but it made a pleasant change.

And sex? Mr Kellogg was a strange bloke, who invented his cereals in the name of reducing masturbation. If anyone can explain the mechanics of that...!


  1. Have donated a tenner on the proviso that you use it to purchase some highly-sugared, cornstarch-based cereals for your brekkers next month.

    Good luck with the parole.

  2. Don't get it? what has masturbation got to do with Kelloggs ?


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