Friday, May 21, 2010


This was my third escape attempt, but no one has ever realised.

In my very early years I was kept in a special unit due to my age. This didn't have bars on the windows, our wandering off was prevented by the windows being made of a very, very tough and thick plastic.

So when I laid my hands on a soldering iron, connections began to form in my dim head...

That night I began to cut my way through a window. It was hard work but I had soon burned a half-circle through the perspex. My pulse was racing and I could taste the soon-to-be-realised air of freedom.

"Pop". That was all it took. "Pop". The melting plastic had run inside the soldering iron and blown it. Sitting on my bed in the dark, trying to sleep, it was the longest of nights.

As soon as I was unlocked in the morning I shot round to the office. "Quick, give me a fag."

"What's the rush?"

"In a few minutes you will realise something and I will be losing all my privileges for quite a while..."


  1. Escape stories can be so funny sometimes in a tragic - comic sort of way. One such story that did make me laugh was about a friend of mines brother known as Black Bill, he was in and out of jail ( borstal at first) from a young age, and had made quite a few escape attempts.

    On one occasion, he and a few mates had been busy digging a tunnel, it was his turn one night and he was going to dig and then make a run for it. He came into difficulties and got stuck (he was quite a big man at that time), anyway, he couldn't move forwards or backwards but kept trying and trying, then eventually he started yelling for help - none came until eleven hours later, the poor chap had spent all that time stuck in a tunnel on his knees!

    However there is bit of a cruel twist to this story because the screws knew he was there and that he was stuck long before they came out to him.

  2. Really funny story of yours Ben btw, its the way you tell them!


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