Thursday, May 6, 2010

Parole hearing farce

The news so far is that Ben's long delayed parole hearing was abandoned yesterday. From what I know so far, the Board made a huge error which meant the hearing couldn't continue. As more detail comes in I will fill in the gaps, both here and on facebook. When will this farce ever end? - EDITORS NOTE.


  1. Crap! We need reform and we need it now.

  2. There is now a letter from Ben's barrister up on Facebook:!/notes/free-prisoner-ben/a-letter-from-bens-barrister-flo-krause/388956283579

  3. Thanks Wigarse for the link to facebook (am i the only person in the world not on it, because i don't want every one knowing my business?) What about article 8 of the human rights act, right to a family life?

  4. When, oh when will we stop sitting on our hands and FORCE change. A hung parliament is a first baby step to getting through to those "in power." We DO NOT trust you, WE HAVE NO CONFIDENCE in you. Under Labour our prison population has exploded by 91% in 13 years! Under the Tories it may well explode further with up to 100,000 in prison by 2013! Welcome to the Prison Island. Over 30% in prison are there for non-violent, non-sexual crimes. 14% of the prison population are "foreign nationals."

    STOP sitting on your hands!


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