Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Wonderful Sunny Day

At last, sunshine. This led to my pottering around, on the wing, sitting in the yard, just passing the day with gossip and wild speculation. Topics covered included laptops, compensation, smelly rubbish bins, prisoners’ votes, the Open University, Parole Board, the election and - a perennial favourite - the general stupidity of prison managers.

I return to the wing for tea and bang-up, to find that the wing staff have had their usual productive workday. They all sat around a table outside of the office, tea and newspapers to hand. They had been discussing the merits of capital punishment.
Isn't it nice to know that the people in charge of our welfare actually want to see us killed?!


  1. Believe me, there is an incredible amount of hostility out here towards any transgressors. One of the most depressing things you can do is to read the comments posted on the Edinburgh Evening News website about any story involving crime - it always ends up with flogging and hanging, with no sense of proportion whatsoever.

  2. @ Robert, those loud mouths are nothing but empty vessels with nothing better to do in their lives than run people down and make idle chit chat. You have to feel sorry for them, and also stick up for yourself when needs be.

  3. It might be 'their' turn next!


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