Thursday, April 7, 2011


The census form was delivered, and remains untouched.  It's arrival coincided by a drive by the Main Stores to cut down on the amount of loo paper we need.

Can they print the next Census on more absorbent paper, please?


  1. There has been many discussions on social networking sites about not filling in the census, with some people insensed by the fact that the company dealing with the resulting statistics is an arms company. I thought about making a protest, but thought again because I really can't afford the £1000 fine, and I expect they would fine you guys in prison too.

  2. With regards to the prison census, I don't think there was a single question on the census form that the Prison Service doesn't already know the answer to. Surely it would be simpler to get the prison service to copy and paste (ok maybe its more complicated than that) said information than get the prisoners to fill it out, especially as we keep being told about illiteracy in prison.

    In regards to the protest because Lockheed Martin run the census, I personally think it is pointless, unless the same people also refuse to board any Boeing plane, or any plane with Rolls-Royce engines, never get in a land rover, or in fact use pretty much any manufactured goods as there is a fairly good chance that the company producing it will have at some point undertaken work for a military purpose.

  3. Does this mean that the MoJ and Prison Service don't trust their own records? After all they have all the information to hand...they refuse prisoners the right to vote, yet insist, at the risk of a fine, they fill in a census form??? ludicrous, and a waste of money.

    The sadness in all of this though, is that Bens'admirable stand will no doubt mean that his move to open will be further delayed.

  4. If you haven't filled in your census yet and care that it was carried out by Lockheed Martin, you can at least make yourself feel a bit better by costing them a little money and nibbling away at their (not doubt substantial) profit margin for this job. Basically, anything you do that means inputting your data can't be done automatically costs them a bit more, so scribble out the barcodes, spill coffee over it, ignore the little boxes and scrawl your answers all over the place, pop it in a plain brown envelope and forget to put a stamp on it when you post it, have some fun :)


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