Wednesday, January 11, 2012

By Hand or by Brain

Isn't it odd that the people who are most vocal about the joys of manual labour are those with soft hands, delivering their speech from a comfy chair in a warm office?

Or as we know them, Governors.


  1. Take care not to bite the hand that 'frees' you Ben.

  2. So the poor brave souls suffer the torment of those cloying chairs, and the sweltering heat, to ensure that it is possible more people can enjoy the hard outdoor manual labour, and you mock them for it? For shame sir, for shame

  3. Manual labour can be a joy, if you choose to do it and are not unduly forced that is. I don't do manual work, for pay, but I run to keep fit and I have a self made woodwork workshop in the garage and making something by your own hand has great satisfaction capability. Also when you are physically fit there is a joy to using your body hard and feeling it respond.

    What is sad Ben is that you never had the chance to grow up with the freedom to learn this.


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