Monday, January 23, 2012

Single Cell?

With the right circumstances and the right staff, being on the spot when a single cell fell vacant served me nicely. It took three weeks but at last I was by myself. Or so I thought.
It's not the smell of my new cellmate that annoys me, nor the lack of conversation. His beady eyes take getting used to, and I have to steer clear of his teeth, but what annoys me is his habit of rummaging through my rubbish bin at all hours.
There's a moos loos aboot my hoos!


  1. Oh no! I hate mice, they come out it seems, as soon as they sense you sleep, and then they rustle about. They terrify me! Kill it, as they are rarely a single entity, they usually have family somewhere waiting ... or let it forever disturb your peace! It's a very humorous description of the mouse and your situation, here, on your blog. Very best wishes Ben, hope you can sort it :)

  2. I thought there was a Canadian in your cell.

    (a moose aboot...)

  3. Getting in touch with your Scottish roots?!

  4. In august I was living in a 11 story tower block. The ground 3 floors were full of mice, but the lazy beggars never climbed up to the higher floors. So the residents of the ground floors tended to try and push them into the lifts and send them up to the top floor.

  5. All you need is a cat to scare away the mice. Isn't that a cat Ben is stroking on his pic on Facebook?!

  6. The cheeky beggar is upping his game. Last night I caught him trying to lever an empty biscuit packet out of my bin and take it to his new home under my bed. I haven't the heart to kick him out in this weather!

    1. Yeah and next he or she will be bringing the whole family to check out the new home under your bed. Pfft, just as well you'll be leaving soon (hopefully anyway); it'll be a problem for the next prisoner then, and not yours.


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