Sunday, January 8, 2012

Message on a postcard to stand in Ed

Rumour has it that some management here at Sudbury want to try to stop me blogging. I will resist any such effort. If they do try, I hope that the blogosphere will do whatever they can to help resist this censorship?


  1. Too bloody right, I would, I would, erm write to my MP and the Home Secretary probably. Anything else you would like me to do, short of coming down there and springing you of course? Which obviously would be counterproductive.

  2. Ben, just quote article 10, human rights act, freedom of expression. In any event, being an ex-con, you should know how to get messages to the outside world without the prison staff having the faintest idea. As it is not you who posts it on the internet, it can't be down to you.

  3. I would write directly to the Governor at Sudbury, ask him why, and on what grounds, then I would take it from there.

    If this blog were to be pulled for some reason, I should imagine there will be a lot of disappointed and angry feelings and people. Given Ben's situation of being so long over tariff, I can't see anyone here accepting it being pulled. It would probably be a counterproductive act if it were to be, as it would highlight Bens and others' case all the more strongly.

  4. Just re read this and realised that its a rumour. Rumours can be caused and spread by anyone, even a fellow prisoner. Not nice. I hope these rumours stop and things get back to business as usual with the blog.


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