Friday, January 6, 2012

The Stamp Thing

Obviously the British mail system attempts to mark stamps as they pass through their clutches, but sometimes this effort fails - and this gives the opportunity to reuse the stamp. It is to prevent this that some prison staff scribble with biro over the stamp.
This prison does not allow us to have stamps sent to us from well-wishers, making recycling even more attractive! And yes, they need glue to reattach, which really isn't beyond the Neanderthal capacity of prisoners...Doh!


  1. Sorry Ben - sent you some earlier - thought it was OK as I used to send them to a couple of other prisoners I know in closed prisons.

    Hope you are making progress and keep writing.

  2. There were similar restrictions placed on Tommy Sheriden concerning post and stamps from well wishers as I remember. Its just so unfair : (

    I hope everything is going okay, and that you are feeling alright.

    Great article of yours in 'Inside Time' btw, very accurate exposition of the state of affairs.

    All the best Ben, take care, thinking of you x

  3. Why won't they let you have stamps!? My goodness, the juvenile spitefulness of that system never fails to astound me...

  4. Jeez, that is the prison system putting a barrier in the way of people a, writing, and b, staying in touch with family. This being something which would cost nothing, so can't even be blamed on budgets.

  5. Hihi

    I'm not sure what the reason is, I did briefly think it might be to do with the possibility of LSD laced stamps being sent in but given they allow letters I don't suppose it can be that.

  6. I know Tommy Sheriden was getting a huge amount of mail and loads of stamps sent in by well wishers, might be a similar scenario with Ben, not sure.

    Even so, restricting communication with people outside jail is a bit dim as anonymous 4.21 has pointed out.

  7. In open prisons they try to encourage people to stand on their own two feet, and this includes shopping for your own stamps!


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