Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Summit, revisited

For my sins, I did spend a period working for that arch exploiter of prisoners, Summit Media. Here
is how they suckered me, and the rest of my intake.
Summit were perfectly up front about the level of their wages. However, this was said to be offset by the level of training and commercial experience offered which, in their eyes, then set us up for a good career on our release. If this was true then it was a trade off and one that didn't seem to be particularly objectionable.
The problem arises when you realise that several years may pass in the period between leaving Summit and being released. What we didn't realise at the beginning - we had literally never even seen the web at that point - is that the web changes so quickly that a set of tools useful today may well be anachronistic by the time release arrives. No jam today but no jam tomorrow either.
This is the trap we fell into. Never again! If it makes you feel better, I was the first man they fired for breaching their security to access porn. A blow for the working man if ever there was one...


  1. If the have taught you the old DOS programming (1980s - 90s), there are jobs out there converting and updating old business programmes.
    There are firms that need older tech still. Most younger people have little knowledge of how the old systems work, old technology can make money for a few.

  2. That's bullshit a Man has a god given right to watch porn at work ,but its a good way out of a shit gig anyhow .Cheers from Australia .

  3. There really is no excuse for paying poverty wages, and I get Ben's point about the time lapse in between working at Summit and release from prison, also about how the technology moved on. But, Ben may not have embarked on the blog project without the knowledge and confidence the work gave.

    Sometimes its the little things that mean a lot. So, be thankful for what you've got.

    As for the reading porn on the internet, that was years ago when people first started accessing the net, i.e it was a time before the etiquette and law was laid down about looking at porn in work. Ben probably set a precedent!

  4. Summit are only interested in running a business, making a massive profit, as they are getting staff for 15 pounds a week. That is all they are interested in, nothing more, nothing less. Pure exploitation for the inmates, tho there is a female member of staff giving sexual favors, so i guess that is why some of them put up with it.

  5. Fair point, Sophie, about Ben having gained the knowledge and confidence to do the blog. Although it's me who actually scans and posts his writing, so I guess it's a bit of both! Ed.

    1. Yes indeed pb, my apologies for leaving you out.

      You know what they say ... that behind every great man there's a great woman ;)

  6. @1st Feb anon. Know who you mean, her name rhymes with Harlot.


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