Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Through The Glass...Fortunately

Not all glass items are banned, which makes the coffee jar embargo all the more ridiculous. And I say this as the proud new owner of a stainless steel knife, part of the cutlery we are permitted to own in open prison. But Lord forbid I get caught with a coffee jar.
And whoever mentioned resealable Kenco bags has obviously never had to live on prison wages! Kenco?! I should be so bloody lucky.


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  2. Don't let the pettiness of your situation overwhelm you Ben.

    Although understandably irksome, these matters are of no real consequence in terms of the bigger picture which you are now very near to completing.

    Besides, isn't coffee the only beverage that will put you to sleep if you *don't* drink it?!

  3. It because some staff got badly stabben with broken glass in birmingham nick


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