Saturday, January 14, 2012

Speak Up!

There was a guy who had a chunk of his ear bitten off in a row on the landing.  His new nickname was "18 months".  I had to ask, why?

"Because he has an ear-and-a-half"!


  1. That is gross Ben. Its also triggered lots of ear bitten-off-in-fight examples that I know of.

    The worst one must be when an ex friend of mine described one of his many fights, it involved him and someone who was training and sparring in a ring. My ex took exception to the fact that this man was using what he was being taught in the ring and in a gym on the streets and in the pubs, so they got into a fight ... During the fight, my ex bit part of this mans ear off, chewed and swallowed it! OMG I'm gonna be sick!

    That is a true story, and my ex never got done for it. In those days (well over twenty years ago) it was classed as wrong for someone to be ring fighting with street boys apparently.

    I have vague recollections of it.

  2. Its such light hearted humor, much better than the dark humor that goes around in the world at large. In a free world, we let Nature play jokes on us. In the prison, atleast we are free to joke on each other.


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