Monday, January 9, 2012


A tale has reached me of a local company which was offering work for a fair number of prisoners here.  Only semi-skilled and with few prospects to advance, but regular work with fair wages.

This offer existed for as long as it took for a member of the local community to phone a tabloid newspaper, who blew it up as a scandal. The company withdrew the work.

We all fret about rates of reoffending, which we often forget are the aggregate of the sum of individual victim's suffering.  And we scratch our heads as to how to reduce this bleak future.

Here's an idea.  Stop bleating about rehabilitation and just deliver it instead.  When we finish our sentences, allow us back into society fully.

Shunning us, denying us opportunities to build a normal like, can only lead to some of us deciding that a "straight" life is just impossible.  Further crimes and victims result.

Just for once let us really try rehabilitation.  Because treating prisoner like crap hasn't worked yet, has it?

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