Friday, March 18, 2011

Emergency Bag

What do you pack in the event of unforeseen circumstances? The range of goods I could choose was limited by prison procedures, meaning that I'd be daft to try and pack anything that required listing on a Property Card. This was meant to be a bag that would both keep me sane and yet allow me to swan through any prison Reception without causing problems.

My bag contained tobacco, Rizlas and a wick lighter, coffee, sweeteners; TV aerial lead; TV remote control; plastic mirror; a dozen small screw-hooks; two A5 notebooks, including my Blog notebook; two pens and two mechanical pencils; stamps; soap and deodorant; medicines and vitamins; address book; alarm clock; two plastic water jugs; and two small Tupperware containers.
The perceptive will note vital omissions - writing paper and envelopes. What was I thinking?? Not an error I will repeat, and one that left me scrabbling around the wing scrounging, just to get word to the Editor.


  1. Doh! It is across the board; you always forget something, and its usually something crucial.

    Whenever I go away and I'm out the door, my first thought is always: now I wonder what I forgot this time. I don't usually find out what it is until I get to my destination.

    Still, must be even harder for you to pack and get things as near to right as you can under the conditions you find yourself in.

    Hope its easier for you next time, all the best x

  2. John Terry's MumMarch 18, 2011 at 2:51 PM

    Where's yer toothbrush o rascally reprobate and doer of misdeeds?

  3. Did you forget Toothpaste Ben?, or have you, like many, suffered at the hands of overzealous prison dentists, who's main motivation is money, (a filling/extraction pays more than a simple checkup!) and as a result, are left walking around with a mouth full dentures or nothing? I hope not!

  4. My first thought is no towel. I know it is somewhat of a joke given the Hitchikers guide series, but there is truth in it. Even if its just a small travel towel or hand towel, there are few items more useful.

  5. Oh God, this post reminds me of when i was up to no good many years ago. A police raid at my home, left me in custody, with nothing other than the clothes i stood up in. I had to ask my mum to go to my house and collect some toiletries and clothes, this ment her having to go through my underwear draw, and see things i rather she didn't see. After that i always left a "in case i get nicked" bag at home, with sample size toiletries, and a few days worth of underwear.