Friday, March 11, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Ben is back at Shepton Mallet. Better than a Cat B but not as good as it would have been if he had actually been transferred to a Cat D (open prison). So, back to the waiting game.  Meanwhile, I'll continue to post his blogs, the current batch of which I am finding poignant and beautifully written. That's if I am allowed to comment?!

Thank you for your support.  Things moved more quickly because of it, I am sure.  On Tuesday he was told that they were keeping him at Cardiff until the end of next week.



  1. Mor importantly does he have access to all the things he requires to continue with his PhD?

  2. Less importantly maybe we will get an answer to Ben's post of the 20th of February (titled "Good Luck) regarding people returning to prisons.

  3. The ONLY reason Ben is back at Shepton Mallet so quickly, is because(as the Ed says)of the amount support and indignation shown by his followers. Had Ben been (as so many are!) alone in the system, there is a good chance that he would now find himself 'bashed up' in the segregation unit of some far flung prison.

  4. Ed, I am so pleased that at least Ben is back in the comparative safety and familiarity of Shepton Mallet, and you must be relieved. We must try and help keep the pressure on now for the move to Open.

    I should think you most certainly can comment on Ben's writing; his recent 'Let's get personal' posts are breathtaking. You must be very proud of him and I'm sure you will keep passing on all our good wishes and concern.

  5. It is heartwarming to know that so many people have rallied to Ben‘s aid, in sharp contrast to the pettiness and heavy handed resistance of officialdom.

    Ben‘s recent posts have been lionhearted in their honesty and regretfulness, offering us a chance to understand how, and why writes as he does.

    Remember Ben that many people are watching out for you.

  6. Good ish news, thank you.

    I will be interested to hear eventually the "explanation" from officialdom for what happened!

    Is he off hunger strike now?

  7. Were the authorities 'testing the waters' by trying to gauge the reaction they got from Bens supporters when they started taking liberties with phantom moves to open prisons? - Just a theory!

  8. I am fed up with the authorities thinking they can do what they like to anyone they like. If this situation had ocurred in some other country many people would have been 'up in arms' about it - perhaps it is time more people told the government what they think about this type of behaviour. How can we, a civilised country, treat a human being with so little consideration and respect when we want him to be rehabilitated and returned to society as a well adjusted and decent human being? I expect all prisoners to be treated properly and rehabilitated into society - to achieve this we must treat prisoners how we would wish them to behave in society. On top of all this what about the considerable waste of money and resources in moving Ben (and others 0f course) in this manner. Keep strong Ben - we are rooting for you and your blog is an inspiration to many of us.

  9. @mary, whilst the treatment of Ben and many other prisoners is appalling, I'm curious to know which other countries people would be up in arms about it? In most of the world the concept of prisoners having any rights or form of redress against the state is completely alien. Our Prison service has many flaws, however it is far from being the worst in the world.

  10. @ Derby

    Well said!! Both your posts are probably very near the truth.

    @ Ben
    I would like to wish you good luck, wonder how much longer the transfer to open where you should rightfully be will take now? HMP Prison Services, we are watching.


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